“Beat School” Kicks Off Global Video Series

How Spotify’s African Heat Became A Part Of Your Life
How Spotify’s African Heat Became A Part Of Your Life

Today, Spotify launched Beat School, a new three-part global video series celebrating the unique and diverse sounds of African music.

In recent years, African music has been on the rise as artists from across the continent have broken into mainstream genres with all-star collaborations and genre-bending fusions. To highlight this, the series brings together African music’s cultural leaders and rising stars to highlight three distinct sub-genres and showcase the full breadth of music coming out of the content including Amapiano.

In the first episode, Amapiano artists  Pabi Cooper and Mellow & Sleazy sit down for a discussion on the rise of Amapiano talking through their influences and more on artists to watch out for. You can watch the full video here.


Amapiano, which has roots in the townships of South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, has taken the world by storm. Spotify data shows that 43% of all Amapiano is being listened to outside of South Africa with Pabi Cooper and Mellow and Sleazy with Sub-Saharan African markets like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania,Mozambique  and Ghana all ranking in the genre’s top 20 export markets.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more episodes from Beat School that will highlight other sub-genres taking you on a journey through African music and culture with some of the hottest African artists & producers! Please let me know if you have any further questions.