‘It Keeps Me Awake At Night’ – Google CEO Sundar Worries About AI Threats

'It Keeps Me Awake At Night' - Google CEO Sundar Worries About AI Threats
'It Keeps Me Awake At Night' - Google CEO Sundar Worries About AI Threats

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has expressed his worry over the growing pace of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence technology which has taken the world by storm in the last couple of months is now on the lips of every tech enthusiast.

According to an interview granted by the Technology giant CEO Sundar on CBS’ 60 Minutes programme on Wednesday. He explained that AI technology could “cause a lot of harm”, especially on a societal level.

He added that “It can be very harmful if deployed wrongly and we don’t have all the answers there yet – and the technology is moving fast…. So does that keep me up at night? Absolutely,”.

Pichai compared the impact of AI on humans of the 21st century, in 2020, to the intervention of fire to our predecessor 420 million years ago.

Google CEO Sundar Worries About AI Threats

According to the Google boss, the technology is set to “impact every product across every company” around the globe. Which is a general opinion among tech experts in the industry.

He shared that “Writers, accountants, and software engineers are likely to be the most affected,” and Pichai believes it will completely take over healthcare, too.

He noted at the CBS interview “For example, you could be a radiologist, if you think about five to 10 years from now, you’re going to have an AI collaborator with you,”.

“You come in the morning, let’s say you have a hundred things to go through, it may say, ‘these are the most serious cases you need to look at first’.”

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, an indian-born executive who has been at the helm of affairs at the technology behemoth since 2015, even though he had joined the company 10 years before.

Recently, Google launched its own AI product, named Bard, which was launched in January, after Open AI’s ChatGPT, the gunpowder that launched the global ‘AI arms race’ when it launched in November.

Speaking about the safety of Google’s AI product known as Bard, Pichai said “The way we have launched it today, as an experiment in a limited way, I think [it is]. But we all have to be responsible for each step along the way.”

But he added that AI shouldn’t be ignored, but regulations should be put in place so that it “aligns with human values including morality”.

“This is why I think the development of this needs to include not just engineers but social scientists, ethicists, philosophers, and so on,” He said.