LinkedIn Closes China Apps Cutting 700 Jobs

TGI Ranked Among LinkedIn’s Top 25 Workplaces
TGI Ranked Among LinkedIn’s Top 25 Workplaces

Professional social media platform LinkedIn has joined the massive trend of “layoffs” which is becoming rampant among tech establishments.

The trend has featured big tech companies like Meta, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft all laying off hundreds or thousands of staff.

The social media platform which focuses on business professionals has announced via a letter by the company’s chief executive Ryan Rolansky that it was phasing out its local jobs app in China.

This is coming amidst the recent publication of the social media platform on the “10 most amazing places to work” which featured companies in various sectors/industries.

Ryan Roslansky, disclosed in the letter that the layoff was as a result of market demand and customer fluctuations. He said “With the market and customer demand fluctuating more, and to serve emerging and growth markets more effectively, we are expanding the use of vendors,”

Ryan added that the changes would create 250 new jobs which would be eligible for the 700 whose jobs were being cut off, either in sales, operations, and support teams.

LinkedIn, which withdrew from China in 2021, due to a “challenging environment”, leaving back InCareers but would also be phased out by the 9th of August, has been the only major Western social media platform operating in China.

A spokesperson for the professional social media platform disclosed that the company would still keep its presence in China, to help companies operating there, to hire and train employees outside the country.

LinkedIn which was launched in 2014, had initially agreed to operate within the requirement of the Chinese government, to which US senator, Rick Scott described the move in a letter to LinkedIn ceo Ryan Roslansky and Microsoft boss Satya Nadella, “gross appeasement and an act of submission to Communist China”