Crowned the Auto-Focus Champion among LCD Projectors, the Wanbo NEW T2 Max Arrives in Magnificent Splendour Following a Comprehensive Upgrade.

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 18 May 2023 – Wanbo has recently unveiled an enhanced version of the T2 Max, christened the NEW T2 Max. This successor boasts a superior performance compared to its predecessor. The NEW T2 Max represents a substantial breakthrough and upgrade from the original T2 Max, all the while retaining the aesthetic appeal of its predecessor’s design. Upon its release, the T2 Max became an instant sensation, achieving first place in Xiaomi’s Ecological Chain sales rankings. It consistently topped sales charts in the Southeast Asian projector market, including countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The T2 Max garnered commendable acclaim, earning epithets such as “the first projector for the younger generation” and “the champion of LCD projectors”, and it has been widely adored by a myriad of consumers.