ChatGPT App Now Available For iOS Users

Will Chat GPT Impact Critical Thinking Skills For Youth?
Will Chat GPT Impact Critical Thinking Skills For Youth?

Popularly known artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT which made waves late last year is now available for Apple users.

According to the technology company, Open AI, ChatGPT is going mobile, while launching its official iOS app which would allow users to access its popular AI chatbot from their smartphones. This is coming after months of dubious and unofficial fake apps filled the Apple App Store.

Open AI disclosed that the new ChatGPT on mobile is free to use and also free from ads but had no voice input feature for now. The mobile ChatGPT would only be available to U.S. users after the app is launched.

The mobile ChatGPT, like the desktop version, would allow its users to interact with an AI chatbot, ask questions, get advice, find inspiration, learn, research, and more. However, due to the issues with Apple’s OS voice assistant, Siri, and Apple’s delay in AI development, the new release would cause more users to ChatGPT on their phones as their main mobile helper.

The recent launch would most likely impact Google, which is the major beneficiary as the smartphone’s default search engine in Apple’s Safari.

On the mobile ChatGPT, it syncs history across devices which implies that searches made on ChatGPT’s web interface will be visible on the mobile, so users can know what they have previously searched. Open AI added that the mobile app is integrated with Whisper, which is Open AI’s open-source speech recognition system, which allows for voice input.

ChatGPT+ subscribers will also have access to GPT-4’s features on the mobile app with Open AI adding that, asides the early access to new features and faster response times, which is available for users who pay the $20/month subscription fee, it would also include access to ChatGPT even during peak times.

Open AI announced that it would begin today to roll out the app to users in the U.S. while other countries should expect the mobile app in the coming weeks. It also teased a mobile ChatGPT for Android users, which would be coming soon.

According to an article by Semaforin February, OpenAI was allegedly working with a mobile client but the company has refused to share comments about it.

ChatGPT mobile app is set to create competition for tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, which have begun experimenting with AI, and Google and Microsoft have released AI-integrated search engines. However, this latest launch by ChatGPT, could revolutionize the way smartphone users use their phones to search for information.