Apple’s $1,299 MacBook Air Is The Thinnest Laptop Ever Produced


If you are ever interested in whether $1,299 could get you something fast-sleeky and thin as “ice”, well not thin as ice but definitely ultraportable. The latest addition to the MacBook Air family is what you need. The 15-inch MacBook Air for $1,299 redefines the word ultraportable and puts together all the amazing features that keep you steady as you go.


Apple, known for going all out on its MacBook, went all out on this one when it launched the 15- and 16-inch Pro models. Apple, which called this model the “thinnest 15-inch laptop to date,” also detailed it weighs 3.3 pounds and is also fitted with Apple’s latest chipset, the M2 chip launched last year.

Apple MacBook Air comes with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, the memory is also configured for 24GB and can be increased to 2TB. It charges with a thunderbolt/USB-C port like the 13-inch. While Apple is guaranteeing you 18hrs of battery life on a single charger, which is good. However, just like the other Airs which have been produced, it doesn’t have a fan on board, Apple calls it the “silent design”. It also hopes users won’t push it as hard as the pro models.


The 15-inch MacBook Air is available for pre-order today while shipping starts next week at $1,299. However, the 13-inch is going for $1,099.