Gerety Rocks Cannes Once Again

The 2023 Gerety Awards  rocked Cannes with the VIP BBQ party that celebrated the recently announced shortlist along with judges from around the world.

As has become a Gerety BBQ tradition, everyone was given a beautiful brooch on arrival with one lucky guest winning an incredible prize. Ingrid Bragemann, Founder & Ex Producer at Tantor Films explained: “Pearl Island is an enchanting destination known for its natural beauty and captivating experiences. During our unforgettable BBQ session with Gerety Awards, our guests had the chance to win this unique prize.

A stay of 6 days and 7 nights on this remarkable island all In. The opportunity to offer such an incredible prize was made possible by the generous owners of Pearl Island. Their commitment to sharing the miracles of the island with others is truly admirable. Their vision and commitment have transformed Pearl Island into a haven of luxury, relaxation and adventure.”

Check out the best of after movie reel below and tag yourself in pictures on the Gerety Instagram page here.