Eniola Badmus Arrests Lady Who Accused Her Of Being A Pimp

Eniola Badmus Arrests Lady Who Accused Her Of Being A Pimp
Eniola Badmus Arrests Lady Who Accused Her Of Being A Pimp

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has arrested a lady who accused her of pimping young girls to top politicians in Nigeria.

The allegations came to light through a viral video in which the lady accused Eniola of being a “professional pimp” who connected young girls with influential politicians for financial gains.

“Eniola Badmus is a Professional Pimp, she connects Small small girls to Big Politicians all over Nigeria”, the lady said in a viral video.

The actress, indirectly addressing the claims on her Instagram page, urged social media users to be cautious in their actions and words.

She expressed her indifference to such rumors, stating that she belonged to the league of individuals who pay no heed to baseless accusations.

“Trend carefully. Won ti je Badoskyy leti lol… Set Awon ko gbo nkankan… Zero answering”, she wrote in Yoruba.

However, Eniola later took the allegations seriously and pursued legal action, resulting in the arrest of the lady who made the defamatory statements.

In a new video circulating on the internet, the lady retracted her initial accusations and confessed that her previous claims were entirely false and fabricated.

She disclosed that she had faced financial difficulties and struggled to pay her rent when a friend approached her with a tempting offer.

The lady claimed that in her vulnerable state, the friend enticed her with a substantial sum of N200K to lie and slander Eniola Badmus.

The lady said she regrettably succumbed to the pressure and made the false allegations against the actress.

She said, “I just did it because of the money, I was so desperate to make money, please forgive me”