How FCC Chairperson Muheeba Dankaka Made Several Millions From Job Racketeering

FCC Chairperson Dankaka
How FCC Chairperson Dankaka Made Several Millions From Job Racketeering

Details of how Federal Character Commission (FCC) chairperson, Muheeba Dankaka made several millions from job racketeering have been exposed.

According to reports, Kolo Haruna, the Special Assistant to the Chairperson FCC, Muheeba Dankaka has narrated how he was remitting the proceeds made through sales of jobs to his principal.

Kolo, who disclosed this before The House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee set up to probe the mismanagement of personnel recruitment, employment racketeering and gross mismanagement of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) on Monday, accused Muheeba of selling jobs into public offices to her close allies.

Kolo added that her principal always instructed any prospective job seeker to pay a sum within the range of N1 million to N1.5million to his personal bank account which he always delivered to her in cash based on her instruction.

In a video capturing the moment Kolo was speaking before the House which was uploaded on Twitter by Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and monitored by SaharaReporters, Kolo said he sold jobs based on the instructions of her principal.

He said, “When she came, she wrote a letter to the accountant general then, that any correspondence that was coming from the Federal Character Commission should not be attended to unless she was the one that signed the letter. Whenever there was new recruitment, she signed, she gave me the names that I would take it to accountant general before those names would be captured.

“She was the one that brought people, so many people like almost 25 of them. One would pay N1million, the other will pay N1.5 million. All to my personal accounts after which she instructed me to give her in cash, all in cash; there is no transfer, there is nothing, it is just for me to withdraw through POS, from this POS to that POS. I was never at any time involved in selling jobs to anyone. I only attempted based on instructions sir.”