How To Make Huge Money Using X (Twitter)

    How To Make Huge Money Using X (Twitter)
    X (Twitter)

    Like many other social media channels, X (formerly known as Twitter) is not just a platform to express yourself but can also become a source of income. X has a number of monetization options you can leverage to earn money from your posts.

    Here are some ways content creators can make money on X

    1. X Ad Revenue Sharing

    Elon Musk introduced X’s ad revenue-sharing program as part of his campaign to reward and encourage active users. Through this medium, both X and content creators on the platform will share returns on advertisements. But how does it work?

    X calculates the revenue shared with each user based on impressions (the number of times a tweet is seen). When an advertisement appears in a content creator’s reply, the number of impressions from verified accounts will determine how much the account is paid.

    However, to qualify for X Ads Revenue Sharing, you must be at least 18 years with at least 500 followers. You must be subscribed to X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) or otherwise be a verified organization or affiliate. And you must also have at least five million organic impressions on all your posts each month, for the last three months. If you meet all these requirements, you can apply for the program and get approved to start earning.

    2. X Tips

    X Tips is another verified way to earn money on the social media platform, similar to TikTok’s live gifts. This monetization option lets you receive cash gifts from users who appreciate your content and want to support you. While some creators already link to their Venmo and other third-party payment services in their tweets, X Tips makes the process easier.

    When the Tips feature is enabled on a profile, users only need to tap the Money icon on the creator’s profile page, and they’ll be directed to the payment platform. However, you’ll only see the icon on the iOS and Android versions, as it is currently not available on the web.

    X does not take a percentage of the tip. Though you may still receive a charge from the third-party payment service you decide to use. Furthermore, X still places an age restriction, and anyone under 18 years is not permitted to give or accept tips.

    To enable Tips on your X account, go to Edit Profile and click on Tips. You will be redirected to the General Tipping Policy screen which if you accept will bring you to the Tips settings screen. Toggle on the Allow Tips button and choose the third-party payment service you’d like to use.

    3. X Subscriptions

    X Subscriptions offers creators recurring revenue on their content. Loyal followers can subscribe to a content creator’s account to gain access to additional tweets and subscriber-only events.

    An interesting feature that comes with X Subscriptions is the Subscription badge. Subscribers will have a badge next to their name whenever they reply to a profile they’re subscribed to, making it easy to identify and interact with them. You can also host subscriber-only Spaces and post tweets open to the public, but only subscribers can reply.

    To be eligible for X Subscriptions, you’ll need to be 18 years or older with at least 500 subscribers. You also need to be subscribed to X Premium and be an active X user. Creators receive 97% of the subscription revenue till the $50,000 mark, after which this percentage drops to 80%.

    X Rewards Content Creators
    The new X monetization features are a great opportunity for content creators to make the most of their craft. Nevertheless, these opportunities are not without their restrictions and guidelines many of which are geared towards encouraging organic content and compliance with the X’s guidelines.