Tranzfar Freedom Account Expands Business To More Than 100 Countries

L R: Products Marketing Head Tranzfar Okanu Ibeanu Member Board of Directors Tranzfar Sarah Essien Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder Tranzfar Ryan Romeo and Chief Financial Officer Co Founder Dr Olusiji Sanya during Tranzfar press briefing on its Freedom Account milestone achievements held in Lago

During a media conference held in Lagos, Tranzfar Limited, a global provider of payment solutions with a focus on remittances, payment infrastructure, and digital banking, announced the expansion of its ground-breaking Freedom Account to more than 100 countries. This significant accomplishment represents a significant advancement in the company’s mission to offer accessible and secure financial solutions to people everywhere.


The Freedom Account is a flexible financial platform created to give people and businesses the freedom to manage their money effectively, conduct international business, and utilize a number of banking services without being constrained by conventional banking systems.


Ryan Romeo, managing director and chief executive officer of Tranzfar, said in a speech at the event, “We are indeed thrilled to have reached this significant milestone in our journey to provide accessible financial services globally. We remain steadfast in our dedication to customer satisfaction and financial inclusion, and we look forward to providing services to even more clients in the future.


According to Dr. Olusiji Sanya, co-founder and chief financial officer of Tranzfar, Tranzfar has had a number of successes with The Freedom Bank Account over the past year, including onboarding thousands of new customers and expanding its access to over 100 countries, all of which are consistent with the ethos and spirit of the freedom account. The account now has the following features: an integrated enterprise solution for businesses, a virtual card, multi-currency capabilities, including GBP, USD, and EURO-denominated account capabilities.



“We are launching a business access point that will enable companies and businesses to have a suitable Freedom Bank Account. We also provide businesses with FX conversion capabilities if they want to conduct transactions in different currencies. Therefore, in addition to providing businesses with a bank account, we also enable them to convert funds into up to 70 different currencies. Our enterprise solution also provides businesses with access to a global payment infrastructure, said Dr. Olusiji.



According to Sarah Essien, a member of the Tranzfar Board of Directors, “The Freedom Account has lived up to its name, liberating Africans in 100 countries by giving them access to financial opportunities that were previously only available to those living on the continent. With our safe, effective, and reliable platform, we have achieved this by fostering a connection between Africa and the rest of the world.