Integrating AI Into Call Centers With Focus On People


Artificial intelligence (AI) and human agents in contact centers and customer experience should be seen as partners rather than competitors. This new technology’s incorporation into contact centers does not imply a disrespect for human labor. Conversely, artificial intelligence has helped contact centers find inefficiencies they might have missed otherwise.


It’s interesting to note that while AI hasn’t yet managed to convincingly replicate human connection and empathy, their rise has unintentionally brought attention to how important these traits are in customer service. Therefore, since we can utilize the advantages of both AI and human agents, why pick one over the other?

Accepting effectiveness
“Working smarter, not harder” is not a novel idea. Technology pioneers have heeded this advice, which was first expressed in the 1930s by Allen Morgenstern, the man behind the work simplification process.


The Council of Europe recognizes Alan Turing, John Von Neumann, and John McCarthy as the founding fathers of artificial intelligence (AI), but the big data and advancement boom of 2010 was what really propelled AI into the spotlight.

Thanks to AI, contact centers today employ a strategy that keeps the vital human connection while operating more intelligently and efficiently.

Posing audacious queries
AI in particular has given businesses the confidence to pose audacious queries about the boundaries of what is feasible. This gives them the authority to choose the technological advancements that support their mission and objectives.


Google, thanks to your dedication to these questions, billions of users worldwide can benefit from your products.

What sets apart tech-savvy businesses from the rest is their bravery in looking for solutions and considering the results. For Google, success resulted from maintaining a laser-like focus on their goals and the customers they cater to.

According to Pichai, “We’ve done this guided by a healthy disregard for the impossibility, a singular focus on our mission, and our belief in applying deep computer science to make people’s lives better.”

How does it benefit the contact center?
It’s dangerous to get swept up in the excitement and emotion surrounding the implementation of any technology. AI has enormous potential for the contact center sector, but it needs to be carefully integrated with a strong human-centered approach.