Golden Terra Oil Launches “POUR PURE LOVE” Campaign


Golden Terra Oil has unveiled a new communication campaign themed “Pour Pure Love”. The initiative aims to celebrate the dedication, love, and nurturing spirit of mothers while positioning the cooking oil  brand as an integral part of mother’s emotional connection, emphasizing their role in creating meals filled with love and care.

Golden Terra Oil is a cooking oil that mothers trust to prepare wholesome and delicious meals. It is a symbol of purity, quality, and health – exactly reflecting the values that a mother wants to provide for her family. The choice of Golden Terra Oil isn’t merely about taste or functionality; it’s about ensuring that every meal prepared is infused with the same love and care that mothers naturally pour into their cooking.

Deployed across different communication channels, the campaign’s television commercial opens with a mother pouring Golden Terra Soya Oil with love into a sizzling pan, infusing every droplet with affection and warmth. With each stir and simmer, she crafts moments that linger in the heart, reminding us of comfort, joy, and the purest form of love that comes with mom and the meals she always cooks for the family.

Golden Terra Oil’s “Pour Pure Love” is a tribute to the selfless devotion of mothers worldwide. It symbolizes their dedication in providing nourishment and happiness, creating a haven where family bonds are strengthened over shared meals.

Every drop of Golden Terra Oil encapsulates the essence of the eternal mother’s love. It’s the secret ingredient that elevates not just the taste but also the emotions behind every dish. From the sizzle of the frying pan to the warmth of the dining table, it is a testament to the unconditional love that only a mother can pour.

Speaking on the newly launched campaign, Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, says that the “Pour Pure Love” campaign pays tribute to the heartwarming magic that happens in every kitchen, with the care, love and affection that mothers pour into every dish.

“Through the ‘Pour Pure Love’ campaign, Golden Terra Oil salutes every mom in the world for the warm tasty meals that fill our hearts and souls every day with the love they pour selflessly into our lives. It reiterates that the world really needs moms because only they can Pour Pure Love. The message is a nostalgic reminder of what makes mom’s meal so precious – that drop of love, those heaps of care, that pinch of protection, and those sparks that ignite memories around the dinner table” he stated.

Golden Terra Soya Oil is a premium, all-purpose cooking oil made from 100% pure soya beans, sourced and manufactured in Nigeria. It contains 5x more PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) proven to deliver numerous health benefits, like reducing cholesterol, maintaining a healthier heart, enhancing nerve function, boosting brain health and supporting muscle strength. Discerning consumers trust Golden Terra Soya Oil to bring an unmatched balance of Taste & Health to every dish cooked with it. Available in various pack sizes ranging from N50, N100 & N500 pouches to 700ml bottles and 2.5L & 4.5L kegs.

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