Huddly Crew Redefines Hybrid Flexibility With Speaker Mode Update

Huddly Crew Redefines Hybrid Flexibility With Speaker Mode Update
Huddly Crew Redefines Hybrid Flexibility With Speaker Mode Update

In early April, the Huddly Crew AI-directed multi-camera system is set to receive a software upgrade that will enable users to choose between speaker mode and collaboration mode, taking control of their meeting experience.

Huddly Crew’s modes adapt the way the system’s AI director edits the experience based on the needs of different hybrid activities.

Speaker mode is ideal for formal or informative meetings. It identifies the main speaker to keep the cameras focused on them.
Alternatively, collaboration mode provides maximum engagement in interactive, collaborative sessions. Inspired by TV and movie production, it switches between different types of shots, showing the speaker as well as non-verbal listener reactions.

Thanks to adaptable software and hardware, Huddly Crew stands out as a remarkably versatile solution that works across various spaces and scenarios. Huddly Crew is officially certified for use with Microsoft Teams in medium and large meeting rooms, making it a powerful choice for organizations looking to improve hybrid collaboration.

At this week’s Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Fraser Park, Huddly’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented: “The speaker mode update further underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, guided by customer feedback and strong collaboration with platform providers. Speaker mode meets market demands for adaptability while empowering users to tailor the experience to their needs.”

Huddly also announced that Gallery View is coming to the Huddly L1 camera in early Q2. With an adaptive split-screen layout, this feature will help promote meeting equity in large rooms. Building on Gallery View’s success on the Huddly IQ, this reflects Huddly’s commitment to premium, AI-driven video for any size meeting space.

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