Spotify Celebrates Easter With Dedicated Hub


Easter is upon us! This year, Spotify is creating a dedicated haven, an Easter gospel hub, “He is Risen” for all those seeking connection, spiritual enrichment, and joyful celebration. It promises to be fun while also offering a spiritually ethereal experience for lovers of the Christian faith.


The Spotify Easter “He is Risen” hub is your one-stop shop for all things gospel. Think of it as a treasure trove of playlists overflowing with Lenten selections for quiet reflection, vibrant Christian and Gospel music from across Africa to get your soul grooving and uplifting Easter anthems to make your heart sing.


The Easter celebration doesn’t stop at the playlists. You can dive even deeper with a selection of enriching podcasts of sermons, bible study sessions, daily devotions and prayers from inspiring preachers that will fuel your faith journey and keep your spirit strong.

The growth in Gen Z’s engagement with gospel content on Spotify is a testament to its growing popularity.  Spotify data reveals a significant rise in both podcast listenership (Nigeria: 482%, Kenya: 69%, South Africa: 44%, Ghana: 85%) and gospel music streams (Kenya: 365%, Nigeria: 1228%, South Africa: 288%, Ghana: 329%) between 2022 and 2024.

This enthusiasm is further reflected in the creation of user-generated playlists, with Nigeria boasting over 140k, South Africa surpassing 470k, Kenya exceeding 70k, and Ghana with more than 45k gospel playlists curated by Gen Z users.


Whether you’re feasting with family, chilling with friends, or having a solo Easter (because sometimes you just need that “me time” with God), these playlists and podcasts are the perfect companions.

Don’t wait! Dive right into Spotify’s Easter “He is Risen” hub and immerse yourself in the transformative power of music and faith. Leave the stress behind, embrace the blessings of the season, and let Spotify curate your perfect Easter soundtrack!