How To To Get Started In AI Without Being Technical

How To To Get Started In AI Without Being Technical

It’s easy to feel behind with artificial intelligence. If you haven’t figured out how to integrate tools like ChatGPT into your business, if you don’t know the difference between ML and NLP, or if you feel overwhelmed with all the breaking AI news, you might think you’ve missed the boat.

Luckily, that’s not the case. AI is just getting started. Business breakthroughs, huge progress, and a whole new level of efficiency are waiting for professionals just like you to discover today.

Allie K. Miller believes that, “AI isn’t the future, it’s now.” As an AI leader, advisor and investor, Miller has worked with hundreds of companies on AI product development, implementation and deployment. Previously, Miller was Amazon Web Services’ global head of machine learning for startups and venture capital, founding the group and growing it into a multi-billion dollar business line.

She was also a lead product manager for AI products at IBM IBM +0.6%. As the most followed voice in AI business, Miller shares practical resources on building an AI-first company to her 1.5 million followers. For her work in AI business and education, she has also been named AI Summit’s AI Innovator of the Year and LinkedIn’s Top Voice for Technology 2019–2023.

“One of the biggest myths of working in AI is that it’s only for engineers,” said Miller. “That couldn’t be further from the truth.” She added, “AI companies and AI projects need everyone, including marketing specialists, HR leaders, salespeople, operations managers, finance and legal professionals. The tools are more accessible than ever, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Miller is helping others build a career in the AI age, starting with this list of 10 ways to become more familiar with AI technology and the value it offers, ranked from easiest to hardest.

Source: Forbes