Lagos Leather Fair, Wema Bank Hosts The 2024 LLF Accelerator Programme


Lagos Leather Fair, the largest leather event in West Africa, launches the LLF Accelerator Programme in association with Wema Bank as part of its mission to foster innovation, teamwork, and dedication in the leather sector. The program’s goal is to strengthen and accelerate the development of aspiring leatherworkers.

With the promise of providing up to one million naira in equity-free finance at the program’s conclusion, this extensive platform seeks to promote industry, business development, and innovation.

Emerging leather firms will have access to tools, networking opportunities, and mentorship during the six-week Accelerator programme, which runs from the first week of May to the middle of June. The programme will come to an end when the top ten finalists present their enterprises to a four-person investor panel at the “Pitch-A-Leather-Biz” session at the Lagos Leather Fair 2024 event. Along with exhibition places to display their goods at the Lagos Leather Fair, the ten finalists would also receive much-needed exposure for their companies.

Continuing, as part of its efforts to equip leather enterprises with the required skills to go into the future of global leather making, Lagos Leather Fair launched the Accelerator programme. Numerous facets of the sector, including branding and marketing strategies, scaling and sustainability, essential leatherworking skills, and developing capacities that enhance comprehension of supply chain mechanics, will be the focus of the course. Along with helping participants adopt more environmentally friendly methods, it will also improve their profitability and competitive edge and help them create globally recognisable brands in the leather industry.

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Nigeria’s exquisite leather artistry is on display in the colourful and motivating Lagos Leather Fair. The leather sector can be stimulated to create new ideas, innovate, and grow economically by attending the fair, which offers engaging runway shows, lively exhibitions, and interactive talks and workshops. Retailers and consumers can discover new brands and products at the show, which also gives designers a place to network, exchange ideas, and pick up new skills.

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