Nestle Promotes Healthy Nutrition, STEM Education, Reaching Over 3.7m Children

Nestle Promotes Healthy Nutrition, STEM Education, Reaching Over 3.7m Children
Nestle Promotes Healthy Nutrition, STEM Education, Reaching Over 3.7m Children

With the success of its programmes to promote STEM education, grassroots sports, and healthy nutrition reaching over 3.7 million children in 2023, Nestlé Nigeria reaffirmed its commitment to fostering children’s well-being and preparing them for a brighter future.

On the brand news, the initiatives, according to the business, are consistent with Nestlé’s mission to improve people’s quality of life at all ages. Nestlé helps develop the future leaders who will change the country by giving kids the principles, resources, and abilities they need to make the right choices.

According to the company, “Childhood is a critical period for forming life-long habits that could determine the quality of life in the future. Therefore, teaching children to eat right, stay active, pursue their dreams, and set and achieve goals is one of the ways through which we are nurturing the next generation of leaders.

“We achieve this through Nestlé MILO Building Champs, Nestlé MILO Basketball Championship, Nestlé for Healthier Kids and the Nestlé Community Scholarships. This year, we are extending these programs to more schools and communities, to reach even more children.”

Furthering, Nestlé is encouraging STEM education in order to provide youngsters in its communities with access to technical capabilities and skills that will enable them to contribute to the nation’s industrialization through the community scholarships. One of Nestlé’s objectives to create shared value is preparing the next generation of kids for the workforce while simultaneously generating business growth. This gives Nestlé access to a larger pool of potential employees.

Given the findings of the 2019 Kids Nutrition and Health Study: Nutrient Intake in Children 4-13 Years Old in Ibadan, Nigeria – PubMed (, which highlights the pervasive problem of child and adolescent malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa and its detrimental effects on learning outcomes, illness and mortality rates, and stunted growth and development among school-aged children in Nigeria, the Good Food, Good Life company takes action to improve the health indices among Nigerian school-age children.

Fortifying its products, educating people about nutrition, and putting in place initiatives that promote an active lifestyle are some of these steps.

Results of the Kids Nutrition and Health Study for 2019 Eighty percent of the Nestlé products that are made and sold in Nigeria are fortified with vital vitamins and minerals including calcium, zinc, and iron. These fortifications supply the micronutrients that are required to maintain proper nutrition for overall health. The company’s commitment to helping children and families around the world is shown in its emphasis on promoting good childhood nutrition.