Pepsi® Unveils New Visual Identity

Pepsi® unleashes its new look with its first visual identity change in 14 years Lagos, Nigeria, Monday 3 June (TBD), 2024- Pepsi®, a global beverage leader, has officially unveiled its new logo and visual identity in Nigeria. This marks a significant step forward for the brand, signifying its commitment to innovation, creativity, and continued cultural relevance.
 To celebrate the launch, Pepsi® orchestrated a captivating digital spectacle, transforming two of Nigeria’s most recognizable landmarks– the National Theatre in Lagos and the Abuja City Gate. Utilizing stunning digital animation, the brand brought its new identity to life, showcasing its iconic bottle emerge from the top of the Lagos masterpiece, while the City Gate welcomed the arrival of the new label.
 “This brand refresh transcends not only a simple logo update but signifies the dawn of a new era for Pepsi®,” states Marius Vorster, Marketing Director– PepsiCo West, East, and Central Africa (WECA). “Through the transformation of iconic landmarks and the creation of captivating virtual experiences, we are reaffirming our commitment to innovation, creativity, and fostering deep cultural connections.
 Further speaking on the iconic development of the brand, Norden Thurston, the Chief Marketing Officer, Seven-Up Bottling Company, said, “The visual identity refresh is coming at a pivotal time from brand Pepsi®, as the new look strategically draws equity from Pepsi®’s past whilst incorporating modern elements to create a new look that is unapologetically contemporary and undeniably Pepsi®. This new look and color palette introduces electric blue and black to bring a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi® color scheme, whilst the new signature Pepsi® pulse evokes the “ripple, pop and fizz” of Pepsi®-Cola– moving in time to the beat of the music, the roar of the crowd and the heartbeat of culture.
 The GM Marketing, Seven-Up Bottling Company, Segun Ogunleye, added “ The new logo aims at dialing up brand distinction, deepening influence and appeal whilst further driving connection with our Naija consumers leveraging iconic landmarks such as the National Theatre, Lagos and the Abuja City Gate. As our customers and consumers interact with the new look at different touchpoints nationwide, we assure them of the same quality and refreshing experience.”
Pepsi® is a contemporary brand, rich in history, heritage, and is a classic example of a brand that has consistently reinvented itself for 125 years. This commitment to innovation and quality refreshment has always allowed Pepsi® to remain Naija’s number-one choice of cola and a constant refreshment present in people’s lives.
 The design also aesthetically captures Pepsi®’s deep-rooted connection to pop culture, reflecting its connection with music, lifestyle, and football.
 Key design elements include
 ● The Pepsi® globe and wordmark unite to fit into various settings and emphasize the distinctive Pepsi® branding.
 ● An updated colour palette introduces electric blue and black to bring contrast, vibrancy, and a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi® color scheme.
 ● Anew visually distinct label, which heroes the iconic Pepsi® logo as an accessible brand for all.
 ● A modern, custom typeface reflects the brand’s confidence and unapologetic mindset.
 ● The signature Pepsi® pulse e\ brings the rhythm and energy of music, an essential and continuing part of the Pepsi® legacy.
 Pepsi® is produced in Nigeria by Seven-Up Bottling Company Ltd, a leading manufacturing business, alongside other global brands such as 7Up, Mirinda, Teem, Mountain dew, Rockstar Energy Drink, Lipton Ice Tea, H2oh and Aquafina Premium drinking water.