Average Prices of 1kg of Yam Tuber Increased by 42.45% YoY in April 2017


Selected food price watch data for April 2017 reflected that the average price of 1 dozen of Agric eggs medium size increased year-on-year by 41.04% and decreased month-on-month by 1.71% to N518.66 in April 2017 from N527.69 in March 2017 while the average price of piece of Agric eggs medium size(price of one) increased year-on-year by 28.74% and month-on-month by 5.21% to N46.22 in April 2017 from N43.93 in March 2017.

The average price of 1kg of tomato increased year-on-year by 15.32% and month-on-month by 6.36% to N285.72 in April 2017 from N268.64 in March 2017.

The average price of 1kg of rice (imported high quality sold loose) increased year-on-year by 29.98% and decreased month-on-month by 7.22% to N388.46 in April 2017 from N418.71 in March 2017.

Similarly, the average price of 1kg of yam tuber increased year-on-year by 42.45% and decreased month-on-month by 2.17% to N250.30 in April 2017 from N255.86 in March 2017.

Click Here to Download April 2017 Average Food Price Watch (PDF) Report

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