Adidas goes old skool with a classic piece of animation starring Messi and Pogba


Social video experts at Be On review “Here to create”, the latest viral from Adidas. 

Bursting with life and colour, this spot is sure to inspire creation across the globe.


Both metaphorical and visceral, Adidas inspires creativity in the latest instalment of “Here to create”.

The video begins with a black and white close up of Leo Messi, before transitioning into bursts of colour.

Combining animation with a boxing voiceover, the spot oozes retro nostalgia, harking viewers back to games such as Ready To Rumble (1999).

In an age where AR and VR take centre stage, Adidas isn’t afraid to reminisce, taking a more old school approach with classic animation to demonstrate the power of creativity.

Joining forces with creative agency Iris and production company Blink Art, these psychedelic illustrations use light-touched brushstrokes over photography to whisk viewers off their feet.

What this spot demonstrates is animation’s unique ability to portray sports personalities as superheroes. By giving each of the players special powers, this technique reflects the way fans often view professional athletes.

And this message of creativity isn’t only communicated via established stars. For example, other campaigns by Adidas such as “Creativity by”, include strong female role models such as champion kickboxer Ruqsana Begum, who has helped pave the way for Muslim women to access sport via her bold and ambitious approach to entrepreneurship.

Bursting with life and colour, this spot is sure to inspire creation across the globe.




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