How To Buy The Right Battery For Your Car


Your car battery isn’t something that should give you a lot of sleepless nights, but when it does, it’s often very frustrating. This is more likely to happen when you buy a pre-owed car. The battery of an older car is often a mystery as you may never truly know what the previous owner has done with the car or it’s battery. It’s even possible that your newly purchased pre-owned car may not have the right battery in it.

Here’s how you can prevent tears and waste of money by purchasing the right battery for your car.

Removing and replacing a car battery
The safest way to get the right battery for your car is the remove the existing battery and take it to the auto parts for a like-for-like comparison. This is the safest method but also quite cumbersome in terms of logistics. Also, there is a possibility that the battery you are removing may not be the correct battery. This is especially possible if you have a used car. Unless you purchased the car brand new, there is no way of fully knowing if the battery in the car is the correct battery. Always remember to buy a battery with the highest quality and CCA/RC rating. Selecting more battery power than you need is generally better in the long run than choosing just enough. 

Checking battery life
One of the most common and biggest mistakes you can make with a DIY battery change for your car, is to assume the battery is faulty. Most people jump the gun when it comes to replacing a faulty battery only to discover the new battery also has issues shortly after purchasing it. A good starting point in trouble shooting car problems associated with your battery is to check your charging system. This will allow you to determine if your battery needs to be replaced or undergo maintenance. 

Finding the right size battery
Don’t overlook the importance of choosing the correct sized battery for your vehicle. Car batteries are often grouped by size by automobile manufacturers. This is a great way to ensure battery sizes are standardized. When your car battery fits perfectly in the battery tray, your battery will be prevented from damage and vibration to a minimum.  

When it comes to buying a battery for your car, knowledge is indeed power. Do you have any tips for buying a new car battery? Share them with us!


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