Alpha1 Rides Set To Disrupt Ride Hailing Business in Nigeria


Technologically enhanced Nigeria’s ride hailing segment of the transportation sector current led by Uber  is about to witness a major disruption with the entrance of Alpha1 Rides: a technology services platform that supports the transportation and logistics business in Nigeria, as the company premised their model on technology and quality service.

With commencement planned for September 1, Alpha1 Rides is poised to introduce high tech solutions to some of the challenges experienced by commuters in Lagos and hopefully garner  sizeable market share from current players, according to persons familiar with the new business.

Speaking on the novelty of the home grown brand, Alpha1’s Customer Relations Manager, Ejoke Okpan, assured that rider’s (and drivers’) frustrations in the services provided by current industry players will be addressed by Alpha1 Rides whose mission is “to be the ride hailing company of choice using up-to-date technology to offer quality service to meet customers’ needs”.

She said that drivers on the Alpha 1 platform are well-trained and are fetish about good manners from their gentle smile to opening and closing the door for customers, rare in today’s cab or ride hailing environment. She emphasised that drivers are rated based on their courteous service to customers and are rewarded with points and vouchers that have immediate impact on their earnings.

“Alpha 1 Rides promises to provide timely and comfortable rides to all customers and move goods to where ever they are needed in the Lagos metropolis and beyond. What is special about our services is the personal service we render to every customer whom we treat as kings”, She said.

She listed the Alpha1 offerings to include City Rides, Airport Pick Up, Office Shuttle and Limo Service. Others are Alpha1 Deliveries and School Runs all of which are technology-backed. The deliveries and School businesses, for example are heavy on trackers. To take advantage of the seamless services provided by the company, She encouraged prospective customers, whom he categorised as Providers and Riders, to simply download the Alpha1 App on the Google App Store or Apple Store.

The company website indicates that car models to be used by providers are not to go below the year 2000 models as they invite experienced drivers to join them to make history and give Nigerians something indigenous that all involved would be proud of. Details of how it all works is available at and

Situated on the third floor of the iconic UAC Building on the Marina in central Lagos, Alpha1 has a vision “to be the reference point in innovative solutions for the ride hailing business in Nigeria”. This bold new entrance is at a time the nascent business is in a flux in Nigeria with the market leader facing customer attrition and the follower struggling with margins.