The New Economy Is Buying and Selling


The new online marketplace has so far also shaped an additional reason why buying and selling is not only the tendency of the future, but also likely to become a large part of what makes up the new economy. In developed nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada these revolution of buying and selling the online way have been massively over flogged. The natives are well groomed in the do’s and don’ts, the preambles and the marketplace shenanigans of the online marketplace.

Down to Africa and other developing countries in the world, it is a game of the winner takes all in the online marketplace battle of wits, this battle takes a new shape as the economies of these nations are increasingly being defined by the volume of eCommerce, technologically-driven and internet enabled trade. The world indeed has moved to a vantage point where all will be defined by technology compliance and savviness, the hand-written words are on the walls of how new job patterns tailored out with self-enabled commerce bowelled by classified sites.

It is no secret that manufacturing, technology and middle-management jobs continue to vanish daily without no holding back, gulped up by foreign economies with high-level skills in tech and cheap work force, raw materials and manufacturing costs being the common culprits. In fact, some studies advocate the job drain in these areas are happening at a disturbing rate, faster than most people, including politicians and policy makers, are aware of or care less to admit.

In countries like the United States, jobs are running out of the country to cheaper places like having call centers in India, furniture manufacturing in Indonesia, phone manufacturing and chemical processing in China, if this could be the case for the United States in terms of job fallouts imagine what it is for Africa and by extension, Nigeria.

The resulting fallout in Nigeria’s economy by no small means is a theatrical expression of the increase in the numbers of new small-business start-ups. Many people who have been or who will soon be affected by the new global economy have chosen self-employment as a way to keep in tune with changing times, make money, and secure their long-term future. History has taught us evolve or end up like the dinosaurs-extinct.

Now, our ability to evolve is what is driving the new economies, the economy where working for yourself is easily achievable and just by running your own online classified business or ecommerce business using already created and popular platforms like Jiji, Postwanga and Olx. The economy is unique though evolving but note that it is broadly practical and test-driven, it has moved millions of goods and services and paid or enriched millions so far.

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To be part of the new world economy of buying and selling is easy and largely needs no secondary lever to pull through. Those at the front sit driving this conversions of how the world is buying and selling interactively and interchangeably are just ordinary people like you and I with no fortune 500 resume or political leaning, it is the revolution of the internet age propelled by the millennials.

Come on let’s join the new world economy of buying and selling!

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