How to become a Dangote Cement Distributor (Free Registration & Facilities Required)

Dangote Cement Reports 37.7% Rise in Profit After Tax to ₦276.1B in 2020

Cement business is one of the best and easiest building material business anyone can start and make good money. 

With the huge population in Nigeria and Africa at large, coupled with the present housing problems facing the nation; this means that there are a present and future demand for cement; as the government and private real estate investors try to meet the housing needs.

Dangote Cement is currently the dominant and leading cement company in Nigeria. Thanks to the business acumen of its founder “Aliko Dangote”, a formidable management team and a strong distribution network. It is high time you align yourself with the rapidly growing company that is backed by strong management.

In an effort to ensure the distribution of cement pan Nigeria, the company is currently seeking credible distributors nationwide. Brand Spur Nigeria have compiled what have required for the registration process as well as the facilities needed by potential distributors.

The Company assures:

  • 48 hours registration period guaranteed
  • No Application/Registration deposit required

Subject to: Minimum purchase of one trailer i.e 600 bags monthly on cash & carry basis

Download the Distributor Application Form here

Registration Requirements

Please ensure that you have the soft copy of the following documents before you begin Application:

  1. Certificate of Company Registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission
  2. Application letter to become a distributor
  3. Scanned copy of the Bank reference letter
  4. Passport photograph of the company’s proprietor/MD
  5. Passport photograph of the company’s representative

Individuals/Corporate/Institutional Buyers

Individuals/Companies seeking to buy cement in bulk/50kg bags for projects should feel free to walk into their depots or offices nationwide. For more information, please call the Area Sales Manager in charge of the depot closest to you from the depot location list.

Completed forms/applications can also be sent by email to [email protected]

The Group Head,
Corporate Communications
Dangote Cement Plc
3rd Floor, Union Marble House,
1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo,
Ikoyi, Lagos.

5 Facilities you Need to Put in Place to Get Started as a Distributor for Dangote Cement

1. You Need to Write a Business Plan for your Cement Company

A business plan gives you direction and opens your eyes to the wealth of resources you have at your disposal. Who are your target prospects? How much would it take you to start a cement business and haul products to your selling pointWhat things can you add to make your product more superior than your competitors? These question you must answer in your business plan.

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2. Study the Competition

Who’s your competition? What are they doing that you can do better? You need to study and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is your advantage!

3. You Need a Warehouse

You will need a warehouse to accommodate at least, a minimum of 500 –  1,000 cement bags. You can also talk to the town leaders in your vicinity, about allocating space for you to store your cement. It is advisable to rent a warehouse to prevent unexpected occurrences

4. You Need to Arrange for a Vehicle

If you can afford to buy a supply vehicle (possibly a van or mini truck), then get one. It will help you sell faster, and make work more convenient for you. A haulage truck will also be needed to haul your cement products from the factory at Obajana, Kogi state or Benue state. However, you don’t need to own the truck, a pay per delivery contract will do.

5. Learn from the Gurus and not the “GOOROS

Do you know why there are so many struggling businesses in Africa today?  It’s because they have been listening to the GOOROS. To succeed in this business, you need to speak with someone already in the GAME. Learn from someone with a cement business outside your community.

Many established business owners are happy to give advice to serious entrepreneurs. They love industrious young people and are ready to go the extra mile in helping them Don’t be scared. The worst answer you will ever get is a “NO.” Rejection is part of the game.

In conclusion, I want to restate that there is so much money to be made as a cement distributor. Even right here in Nigeria, you can still function as a cement distributor while still working your day job. Isn’t that amazing? You can make a realistic profit of N300,000 monthly by distributing cement. All you need is ACTION, hard work, and determination!

However, you must bear in mind that no business is hassle-free, so expect some challenges while venturing into this business. It is your ability to deal with these challenges effectively that will make you a successful cement distributor.

Finally, I want you to also know that there are other great cement companies out there like LAFARGE WAPCO, IBETO, BUA, CCNN, etc.

So feel free to contact them and become their distributor.