Instinct Wave, organizers of the 8th Marketing World Awards, 8th Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards, and 4th Nigeria CFO Awards, Africa Digital Banking & payment Forum has announced the unveiling of Top 50 HR Professionals in Nigeria.This is scheduled to hold at the plush Oriental Hotel on the 2nd of March 2018.

Nigeria Top 50 HR Leaders is a celebration of fifty leading Human Resource practitioners who have made sterling contributions to the corporate sector over the years.

Instinct Wave CEO, Mr. Akin Naphtal in a signed statement said that, the work of HR profession has evolved over the years with the use of technology to drive efficiency. According to him, Human Resource units now play pivotal and strategic roles in sustaining organizational balance and growth in a highly competitive global environment. Ironically the impact of these HR leaders is rarely celebrated or recognized in most organizations.

“HR practitioners need to be motivated and this is why we are lifting the veil to celebrate and honor those who have demonstrated excellence in delivering best practice and innovation in the profession,” he said.

Speaking on some of the yardsticks to qualify for this award, Mr. Naphtal said that  the  HR Practitioner must possess at least 10 years  of experience, be the overall head of HR Department, deliver HR best practice, uphold concrete strategies towards the growth of organization and keep a good relationship with stakeholders,

This unique award is to celebrate outstanding accomplishments and deepen interest in young fliers in the sector to be more purposeful and resilient.

The list will be unveiled during the gala night on March 2nd at the Oriental Hotel Lekki Lagos.

The gala night will provide an exceptional opportunity for HR professionals and stakeholders in the corporate sector to network, and reinforce relationships with partners.