Promasidor Nigeria Celebrates 254 Employees at 2018 Long Service Award (Photos)


Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of  Cowbell Milk, Top Tea, Onga and other quality products, at the weekend, honored 254 of its employees who have put in several years in its service. The award ceremony, which was held in Lagos, brought together the company’s employees, relatives, and distributors from different parts of the country.

Managing Director of Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Anders Einarsson told the audience that the awardees were honored for their commitment, hard work, and loyalty to the organization. He said the celebrated employees, who he urged others to emulate, had grown through the rank and become pillars of Promasidor’’s growth as a result of their exceptional work ethics and positive attitude.

Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Anders Einarsson (right); Regional Sales Manager, Promasidor Nigeria, Mr. Bamidele Fakulude; and wife, Mrs. Justina Fakulude, during the presentation of the Long Service Award (LSA) to Mr. Fakulude, at the company’s 2018 LSA held in Lagos… Saturday. 

He stated: “For us at Promasidor Nigeria, the Long Service Award is not just a tradition. It is an opportunity to celebrate and honor our employees for their dedication, hard work, commitment and loyalty to the company. Most of them joined the company at an entry level but grew to the positions of regional sales managers. Such promotions do not come without measurable performances and hard work.

“At Promasidor, it is about good attitude, hard work, and commitment. The awardees have met these standards; hence they have not only remained with us but have also become part of the pillars. The 20-year service awardees joined the company when it was just five -years old in Nigeria. What does that imply? They have witnessed the different stages of its growth and transformation.”

The three categories of awards were 20, 15 and 10 years in service with the beneficiaries evenly distributed among key departments, including sales, marketing, administration, engineering, finance, and procurement.

Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Anders Einarsson (right); Regional Sales Manager, Promasidor Nigeria, Mr. Dada Onyia with his wife, Mrs. Ebere Onyia, during the presentation of the Long Service Award (LSA) to Mr. Onyia, at the company’s 2018 LSA held in Lagos… Saturday.

Anih Chidubem, who rose from the position of Marketing Assistant to Regional Sales Manager in his 20-year career at the company, described Promasidor as “a merit-driven organization.”

He further said: “Promasidor Nigeria is a fair organization. If you are promoted, it means that you deserve it. For some of us who have been around for a while, it is not just a business organization but a warm family. And I am very fortunate to have been part of it.”

Another awardee, Modupeoluwa Awonusi said the company was able to retain brilliant and hardworking staff because it rewards excellence and dedication. “Organisations that reward productivity, creativity, and commitment keep their best employees. Certainly, Promasidor is one of the few organizations that know how to keep committed people. Twenty years after I joined the company, I am not still in a hurry to leave the great family, which Promasidor has become.”

Among senior management staff in attendance were Head of Legal/PR, Mr. Andrew Enahoro; Head of Information and Communication Technology, Mr. Olumide Bello; Head of Logistics, Mr. Sebastien Bonjean; Technical Senior Manager, Jean-Robert Thouanel and the Finance Director, Mr. Per Kristensen.

Established in Nigeria in 1993, Promasidor operates an equal-opportunity recruitment and human resource management, which has enabled it to experience tremendous growth across the country and become market leaders in various range of quality food and beverage products. 

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