Sweet Nutrition Limited launches Choco Love Chocolate Malt Drink in Abuja, Port Harcourt & Lagos (Photos)


Sweet Nutrition Limited (formerly known as Bayswater Industries Limited); seasoned manufacturers of reputable fast-moving consumer goods in Nigeria, has recently unveiled their newest entry into the chocolate drink market: The Nourishing Choco Love Chocolate Malt Drink.

This unveil was marked with three landmark launch events in three different states around the country starting from Abuja to Port Harcourt, and finally Lagos. These events were masterfully organized to communicate the new brand’s presence to all stakeholders involved, as well as brand aspirations and a promise of quality.

“Choco Love is an awesome brew, manufactured with the highest standard we can find in the market. When we decided on this drink, we decided to bring to Nigeria the best brew that you can find in the market” says Emilio Maldonado, the Head of Research and Development for the Choco Love brand, extolling the motivation behind the brand, as well as the inherent qualities of Choco Love that will become apparent to all consumers upon experience.

The Managing Director of Sweet Nutrition Limited; Kumar Venkataraman, also expressed unbridled optimism towards the brands performance in the Nigerian market  “We are providing a tasty and nutritious drink for kids and the entire family, and Choco Love is delicious enough to become a household name on its own merit, Choco Love is only the first of many top nutritious quality products that are slated to be introduced to the Nigerian market by us, and we urge our customers to be on the lookout in the coming months”. This optimism was also shared by Swatanter Saraswat; the Head of Sales and Marketing, who said “the brand is strong, and as everyone here experienced, the product is very delicious and of a high quality. We have worked hard to make Choco Love the best it possibly can, and I am optimistic as to how it will be received by Nigeria. Our brand is designed to be a close ally to kids and by extension the family”.

Choco Love is available for purchase in markets within the country; the Choco Love brand encourages all consumers to experience the rich full taste of the Choco Love Chocolate Malt drink.

Sweet Nutrition limited (SNL) is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods production company that has been prevalent in the Nigerian Market. Choco Love promises to be the newest entry into the market for a reliable alternative to provide unrelenting nourishment with a unique and delicious taste, guaranteed to provide all the essentials to children for a smart mind, and a healthy future.


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