Leveraging Opportunities in Commerce – The Nigerian Context


In today’s increasingly complex and fragmented markets, delivering genuine and sustainable value demands precision, superior executions, and evaluation in time.

Businesses grow when they are able to identify specific opportunities – and when they are able to formulate precise plans to take advantage of those opportunities. It is possible for a business to grow without a precise understanding of why – but it is unlikely that such a business will continue to grow for long.

This cannot be over-emphasized even in the competitive Nigerian context, where shoppers and traders are continually and carefully re-evaluating their choices and priorities; It is expedient for every brand to drive an effective and efficient strategy that delivers its own right results – there is never a one size fits all. What works for A might not work for B if not tailored to its own context.

Setting the right perspective from start – leveraging credible data for precise planning, clear communication and articulation of execution plans by the relevant touch-points and access to the right evaluation matrix that provides direction for timely interventions on these plans are among the major factors that drives positive results in this market.

While sustainable growth doesn’t necessarily have to come from the same assortments or category; neither should brands only rely on their current niche groups, focus markets or opportunities to navigate the inevitable marketplace disruptions. It is expedient to be sensitive to the dynamics that directly or indirectly affect your current or planned offers for a clearer direction while reiterating or innovating.

At KantarTNS, our commerce teams are passionate about equipping our clients with insights that help them find and activate sustainable value in Commerce and Trade.

For more conversations, click below to download our offer summary booklet and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you win in the trade.

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A Nigerian Context/thoughts from Samuel Adebayo…

Samuel currently consults for Kantar TNS Nigeria as an Associate Research Manager (Commerce) and passionate about finding new ways of engaging clients/consumers by leveraging Analytics and Big data for innovative offerings while delivering compelling insights to help clients win across various products categories in Commerce and Trade.

LinkedIn: Samuel Adebayo 

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