Tell me it may not happen in 100 years and I will say it can happen in 10 years. Is it not this world, where impossible is nothing. The future is whatever you say it is…

It is no longer news that Nigerian banks took to Instagram to spice up an already dull Saturday for many Nigerians. It is being said that ‘when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.’, however, in this case, the grass is awash with laughter and amusement. To be honest it has been a while since we last experienced something to so daintily crafted and well positioned… I meant the Sterling Bank first jab…; pitching four giants together in one move is bold and audacious and using the social media makes all the more interesting, since it is all about freedom of expression, and expression well put together.


Immediately this shot was fired by @sterlingbank, it didn’t take long before @unionbankng fired back, but it was more like giving a back rub to someone who gave you a thunderous slap; #ifyouknowyouknow. Well, @myaccess would have killed it for me, if it jab wasn’t coming from its weaker hand, it was more like the account handler was sorry and tried to apologize to @sterlingbank subtly. The question is, why include #taketomorrow in your response? @sterlingbank was leading the charge on that. However, should we always talk about age? #shomoagemini…

Nigeria is a high power distance society; hence our clamour for respect and seniority, but, it doesn’t imply intelligence or capabilities. In as much as you can succinctly express yourself without being perceived as rude; especially, when you are in the midst of people who see respect as their birthright, you need to watch your back.

@unionbankng’s second shot was well off the target again, it wasn’t clear; you experienced an epic shading and you came back an advice… bro, you were bombed literarily; who cares about the snipers hiding behind your walls and who told you the weapon was a knife – because it was a massive explosion.

While, I know @firstbankngr reserves the right to maturity and being calm, considering baba’s age, that is all the bank in Nigeria’s granddaddy #babababawon, yet, the bank’s response was too weak, more like a slow gentle breeze whispering ‘I am available’ for the next uppercut.  It sounded off the mark and hastily put. It is better you do not say anything than come short in a situation like this. That is why we are all patiently waiting for @gtbank ‘s shot; we may have to wait too long for it, but, the hope is when it finally does, it will put everyone, I mean everyone in his/her place.

We are also observing the observers @myfcmb, you can also come to the party, weekends shouldn’t be for owambes alone. I am sure I am not the only one who miss those brand fights online…


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