Ghana to establish a national airline company in about two years


The Ghanaian aviation minister Cecilia Dapaah (photo), announced on August 20, 2018, that the government has initiated discussions with foreign partners for the launch of a national airline company. “Cabinet has given approval for the ministries to negotiate with Air Mauritius and Abu Dhabi, whilst continuing with Ethiopian Airlines and other strategic investors to establish a home-based carrier with active Ghanaian participation”, she declared to the parliamentary committee in charge of nominations.

The establishment of the carrier has the potential to generate financial and economic benefits with its multiplier effect on Ghana and within the West African sub-region”, the minister added.

Madam Dapaah also explained that the feasibility study has already been realized by the former administration of John Mahama, and indicated that the official launch should be done in about two years.

The consultants said two years, and I said we should do it in a year if possible, so between one and two years, I think that should be the period”, Cecilia Dapaah said.

Let’s remind that since 2004, when Ghana Airways was liquidated by the cabinet of President John Kufuor, Ghana does not have a national airlines company. There is only one private airline company operating in Ghana, Africa World Airlines, which offers 2,050 places weekly for flights to Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. This figure represents just 4.94% of the weekly air traffic in the country.

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