Phillips Consulting Empowers People To Perform Optimally


Phillips Consulting, an innovator instructor-led and online training, has designed its 2019 training calendar to empower professionals and companies to meet expected goals and outcomes. The firm said that enrolling for a professional course does not mean inefficiency but shows the desire to improved career actualization and fulfillment.

Head of Classroom Learning, Mr. Nwaji Jibunoh explained, “A professional training enhances our expertise in a chosen career path as the labour market is increasingly becoming more competitive. we need to have a skill set and knowledge that sets us apart from all other applicants. It is crucial to empower people to perform at the very highest level and explained that PCL’s carefully designed and executed programs are provided through methods designed for optimal impact on participants’ behaviour.

An ever-changing operating landscape means there is a need to continuously evolve to ensure the provision of world-class learning interventions from creation through to delivery, is in alliance with global thought-leader partners around the world.”

The learning interventions in the calendar includes; Instructor-Led Facilitation courses, with programmes covering Leadership and Management, Workforce Management, Infotech and Bespoke Learning Courses. While specialized solutions include; Knowledge Management, Strategic and Managerial Competency Development Solutions guides those who seek to build strong, sustainable establishments through the documentation and sharing of organisational intelligence.”

In addition, Phillips Consulting also has Online Learning Solutions that are either customized digital courses or curated off-the-shelf content, designed to help organizations embed learning into the workflow. With the wave of Digital Disruptions taking place in the global marketplace; there is an urgent need to rapidly upskill all employees on the various frameworks and technologies being adopted.

The program is designed to help organisations to become digitally aware.