Nestlé opens new R&D center for Maternal and Infant nutrition


Nestlé has today opened a research and development centre for maternal and infant nutrition in Limerick, Ireland.

The opening marks the completion of a three three-year construction program with an investment of EUR 27 million (CHF 30 million).

The new R&D centre will focus on scientific research to support innovation in milk-based maternal and infant nutrition products for the global market. This will help provide nutritional solutions for the crucial first 1,000 days of life.

Nestlé opens new R&D center for Maternal and Infant nutrition - Brand Spur

More than 40 research staff work at the centre, which is located together with Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition manufacturing plant. Wyeth Nutrition Ireland produces a range of premium milk powder products for infants, young children and mothers, for export to world markets.

The centre incorporates state-of-the-art laboratory facilities as well as a full pilot-scale manufacturing line to facilitate the development and testing of new products from initial concept through to product deployment. This will help increase the pace of innovation in the category, which is one of Nestlé’s most important growth drivers.

Optimal nutrition during the first 1,000 days is crucial for lifelong health. Breastmilk is the ideal nutrition for babies. For those infants who cannot be breastfed or fed on breastmilk as recommended, infant formula is the only suitable breastmilk substitute (BMS) recognised as appropriate by the WHO.