Gerety Awards 2020 Shortlist Announced.

Launched this January, The Gerety Awards is challenging the status quo of the awards circuit through its jury.

Co-Founder Lucía Ongay said “The executive judging sessions were riveting and without doubt, this shortlist will set a benchmark for all other award shows this year. We were excited to see what our jury would pick and how it will compare with other industry events. 80% of all global purchasing decisions are made by women so you would hope that advertising always has these most powerful consumers in mind.”

Entries from more than 30 countries competed for the first Gerety Awards.

There were shortlisted winners from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UK and USA.

BBDO New York has 14 shortlisted entries, Edelman has 8 shortlisted entries, Leo Burnett Toronto has 7 shortlisted entries, Mullen Lowe SSP3 has 7 shortlisted entries.

Most shortlisted campaigns include Petal Paint, for JAT Holdings from Leo Burnett Toronto, Viva La Vulva for Essity Bodyform/Libresse by AMVBBDO, and Fresh Prints for Aldi by McCann Madrid, Spain.

There were no shortlisted entries in the Pharma and Portfolio CUT.

“Although there were some great entries in these Cuts our jury felt they were not strong enough. Only the very best work will be awarded a Gerety”, mentioned Co-founder Lucía Ongay.

“The Gerety Awards was a room of super diverse senior creatives, passionately debating work and ideas. It should be irrelevant to know that we were all women. But it’s not. Awards show like The Gerety matter to our industry right now. Elevating new female voices in the discourse on creativity, including more seats at the table to discuss what work should be celebrated-or not – will positively shape the future of a more diverse and inclusive industry we can all be proud to work in,” Executive jury member Genevieve Hoey, Group ECD at R/GA explained.

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Following this sentiment, Executive Jury Lixaida Lorenzo, GCD at David & Goliath added: “Judging at the Gerety Awards was refreshing. It was a room filled with talented creative leaders that were genuinely just about making sure only extraordinary ideas rose to the top. The room was mostly on the same page on what was really great and what was really not. No politics to navigate.”

Ambassador and Grand Jury member Tista Sen, Regional Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson South Asia said: “The Gerety Awards in spearheading this announces an all-new way in which creative work is perceived. Judging work with women across the table is a whole new learning experience. The entire experience was fun, insightful with a nuanced discussion. And yes, we all fell in love with advertising all over again.”

The Grand jury will now choose the final winners which will be announced at the end of July.