Stop Taking Online Courses for Certifications ONLY!

Online courses concept with young man holding a tablet computer

Many people who have taking Google digital marketing skills for Africa have ended up not knowing how to run simple ads and don’t even know what to do next.

Look for courses that will teach you practical steps to doing things. Go to YouTube and search for “how to run Facebook ads from beginner to expert” or “how to run Twitter ads” you will get practical ways to run ads.

Stop taking courses that are theoretical in nature. I remember when I took the Google digital marketing skills for Africa, I did it only for certification and out of curiosity.

Don’t do it for the certification, except you know you can defend your certificate.

Gathering certificates without the ability to apply it in the real world, is not only bad, but you may also get opportunities you can not be able to utilize and that I will say is bad for your reputation.

Written by: Samuel Aboki, Google Certified Digital Marketer | YouTuber | Agricultural Economist | I Promote Nigerians