Wapic Insurance: Resignation of Executive Directors Mr Oyebode Ojeniyr and Mr Olufemi Obaleke

Wapic Insurance announces the resignation of two Directors

Wapic Insurance Plc (the “Company”) announces the resignation of Executive Directors Mr Oyebode Ojeniyrand Mr Olufemi Obaleke who, have resigned their positions from the Company and the Board with effect from 29th January 2020 following the expiration of their contracts of employment.

Mr. Ojeniyi served as the Executive Director in charge of Sales and Distribution since January 17, 2014, while Mr. Obaleke has overseen the Public Sector and Wapic’s Northern region since January 17, 2018. Both Mr. Oyebode Ojeniyi and Mr. Olufemi Obaleke have made strong contributions to the Company in its strategic planning and growth and they leave with the Company’s appreciation.