Covid – 19, Coscharis Urges Customers And Stakeholders To Be Safety Conscious


Following the recent global outbreak of the Coronavirus that has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the respected Nigerian conglomerate, Coscharis Group is urging all her customers, staff and stakeholders not to panic but take precautionary and safety measures as instructed by the WHO and the Nigerian Center for Diseases Control.

In the words of the President of Coscharis Group, Dr Cosmas Maduka, ‘’ we have been following with great details the global developments as it relates to the Covid – 19 health situation which is really unprecedented that has brought the whole world to a standstill. As a responsible corporate entity, we are heeding to the government and the health institutions’ advice to ensure the safety of our assets who are our staff and all our entire stakeholders.  We have therefore put in place critical safety precautions in line with required guidelines across all our facilities and business concerns. In line with the Lagos State Governor’s directives, all our Lagos based offices have been directed to drastically scale down the number of their staff that will be coming to the office to achieve the required social distance directives while others work from home to be able to continually deliver value for all our stakeholders’’. 

Some of the measures already put in place are the handheld scanners to check the temperature of all visitors and staff coming in and out of all our facilities. Automatic and manual dispensers in all touchpoints within all our locations. Consistent cleaning of critical areas of all our buildings where human traffic occurs. Likewise, all offshore business trips for staff has been put on hold while the foreign partners have equally been advised to stay in their various countries for the period until further notice.

During this challenging period, while we would be exploring options that will reduce physical engagements where it is necessary, to the barest minimum otherwise, we encourage our customers and stakeholders to utilize other platforms like telephones, emails and our website as credible options to engage for our services.

Coscharis group stand by all the efforts of the government to control the spread of this unfortunate virus and encourages every citizens and foreigner alike to remain responsible as we believe this is just a phase that will soon fade away in our lifetime.