Asharami Synergy Fuels Kenya’s Economic Growth With 1.1 Billion Liters Of Petroleum Products


Asharami Synergy Limited Kenya (‘Asharami Synergy’), a Sahara Group Oil Marketing Company has supplied 1,127,315,018 liters of petroleum products to Kenya over 23 months and is planning to announce a series of new projects to accelerate economic productivity in the East African nation.

Asharami Synergy’s work in Kenya amounts to a total investment of $346,908,023, achieved through importation of 7 Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) cargos, 3 co-loaded cargos of both Automotive Gasoline Oil (AGO) and PMS, and 1 AGO cargo by Asharami Synergy.

Asharami Synergy is proud to contribute to Kenya’s thriving oil market and is currently finalizing plans for new projects across the energy value chain. These projects will work to strengthen diversification within Kenya’s economy, driving multi-sectorial growth with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural production and cash crops including tea, fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables, and coffee.

Debola Adesanya, Managing Director, Asharami Synergy Limited Kenya, said: “Since 2018, Asharami Synergy has been delighted to support the critical sectors of Kenya’s economy that require access to energy sources for sustained growth and we are steadfast in our commitment to leading wherever possible in the development of Kenya’s economy.

In addition to providing top quality petroleum products with a distinctive mark of safety, reliability, service excellence and professionalism, we are now looking to new opportunities across the energy value chain. Ramping up our operations and diversifying the scope of our work which will enhance the government’s policies geared towards deepening the capacity of the oil and gas sector and contribute in more meaningful ways to economic growth and development in Kenya.”

Asharami Synergy is currently exploring the execution of development intervention projects in keeping with its commitment to promoting the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya and ongoing relief efforts around the COVID-19 health pandemic. Already, Asharami Synergy has since donated hand sanitizers to help halt the spread of the virus, with plans to deliver relief materials to the vulnerable as a way of cushioning the impact of the virus through its partnership with the Merlik Foundation.

Asharami Synergy Kenya is a downstream affiliate of energy conglomerate, Sahara Group. The company leverages the footprint of Sahara Group in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to provide seamless access to safe and reliable petroleum products in Kenya.

Asharami Synergy provides best-in-class fuel procurement and distribution solutions in Kenya by utilizing innovative technology and improved ef?ciency across the downstream supply chain.