5 Lessons Brands Should Consider In 2022

5 Lessons Brands Should Consider In 2022

It seems 2022 promises to be hit in the world of brands. Cassper Nyovest is gearing up to knockout his second opponent in the boxing ring; Skinny Sbu has secured a grand partnership with the Grammys and Lekau Sehoana is launching a Drip Education Centre in the township where he grew up.

Just a week before 2021 came to a close, Cassper Nyovest hosted the most talked about events of the festive season, a boxing match dubbed Fame vs. Clout, between himself and Youtuber Slik Talk.

Cassper might have beaten Slik Talk to a pulp and vowed to unleash the same wrath upon fellow musician NaakMusiq in Sun City come April 2022. But this, in my opinion, was not Cassper’s biggest flex in the ring.

In fact, most boxing enthusiasts probably dismissed the event as a circus of sorts. What we witnessed was actually a cleverly orchestrated display of brands interacting while getting all the attention.

From his Fill up the Dome days, Cassper has perfected the art of branding, setting him apart from his peers in the music world and keeping him relevant as one of the leading voices of his generation.

This all boils down to great content, the kind that shapes social conversations while giving a life beyond your company’s core offering.

Cassper is a hip hop star whose presence cuts across industries including fashion, beverages and now sport.

Here are a few lessons I think we can take from Cassper and other thriving brands, to help us grow this year.

1. Be authentic

You do not have to be daring or controversial if that is not who you are. The trick is to be yourself and you will attract an audience that resonates with your story.

2. Tell powerful stories

Use your content to entertain, educate and share solutions. For instance, a brand like Drip represents more than just footwear. What connects people to the brand is a sense of belonging and being able to see themselves reflected in it. Through Lekau Sehoana’s story, a child from the Township can see how far they can get if they dare to dream big.

Following his partnership with BMW, Lehoana announced the new Drip slogan when announcing the partnership with BMW. The slogan changed from ‘The Township Dream’ to ‘Live your Great’, which captures the essence of his journey.

3. Do not allow limited resources to stop you

Some of the greatest campaigns in the world happened on a bootstrap budget. With technology and social media platforms at our disposal, our generation is at an advantage.

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo went from making content in her bedroom with only a pair of shades and potato crisps to waltzing across fashion isles and making the cover of respected magazine covers like Vogue in a matter of months.

4. Invest, research and strategise

If you can afford it get a great team to work on your brand image and narrative. The return on investment might not be instant but you will thank yourself in the future when you have established a voice and outwitted the competition. While it’s ideal to have a plan from the get-go, strategising will become even more crucial as your brand grows.

5. Finally, be consistent

You are competing with other voices, so you cannot afford to leave your audience lingering. Chances are they will move on to the next best thing that carters to their needs. If you are struggling with creative ideas, look for like-minded brands to collaborate on projects and campaigns with. This will give you a fresh perspective and keep things exciting.

BY: TSHEPISO SEOPA, a brand communication expert and cofounder of Molaetsa PR.