Nissan Will Begin Producing The New Navara Pickup In Nigeria

Nissan Is Transforming Nigeria Into An Auto Manufacturing Hub
Nissan Is Transforming Nigeria Into An Auto Manufacturing Hub

Stallion NMN Limited has introduced the made in Africa Nissan Navara brand to Nigerian showrooms, with the company planning to begin local assembly of the new pickup in June 2022.



The new Navara pickup truck, which was unveiled in Lagos on Saturday, was made available for a test drive to a few journalists.



Amit Sharma, general manager of Stallion NMN Limited, revealed at the unveiling that his company would begin assembling the new Navara pickup in Nigeria in June 2022.



Sharma described the new Navara as a dependable workhorse equipped with many best-in-class technologies, including an array of Nissan intelligent mobility features and safety systems, making it the most advanced brand yet.



“The new Nissan Navara combines the best of what Nissan has to offer in a single package.” “The pickup is rugged, tough, and smart, and it offers premium comfort at a price that gives customers great value for money,” he said.



“This NAVARA is made in Africa for Africa.” As a result, it is capable of withstanding even the most difficult tropical terrains on the continent, particularly in Nigeria.



“The new Nissan Navara represents the pinnacle of the company’s experience in building tough and reliable pickups, drawing on more than 85 years of Nissan pickup heritage.”



According to Sharma, Nissan offers a comprehensive range to the Nigerian market, beginning with a double cabin 42. The introduction of the range-topping PRO-4X grade — a first for the Navara nameplate — enhances the pickup’s rugged character even further.



“PRO-4X offers an even more impressive, eye-catching style to appeal to extreme adventure lovers looking for a break from the daily grind,” he added.



“The all-new, all-tough NAVARA PRO-4X is loaded with technology and safety features to keep you and your loved ones connected, safe, and comfortable. It is purpose-built for Africa, boldly styled, and technologically advanced.”

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The new Navara, according to the general manager, is powered by a 2.5L petrol engine that has proven reliable in Sub-Saharan Africa driving conditions.


“The powertrain was chosen, as it meets the performance, economy and durability requirements for customers in this demanding segment. The engine is available with an impressive power output of 125KW, 244 Nm torque”, he added.


“A strengthened rear axle and improved truck bed volume make the vehicle the ultimate worksite partner, ready to take on any challenges whilst still offering optimal room and comfort.


“For pickup customers, one of the most essential qualities is the payload. And, from all indications, Nissan’s engineers worked hard to increase it, delivering segment-leading capacity.


“When in four-wheel-drive mode, the Navara activates its Active Brake Limited Slip Differential system (ABLS), which manages power delivery and wheel braking between the front and rear axles and between the left and right of the vehicle, depending on traction and speed.


“Navara also has a Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC) and ABS brakes, which allow drivers to feel more confident and secure when towing large payloads and driving through muddy terrain with less acceleration and braking.”


“Another feature is the Hill Start-Assist and Hill Descent-Assist, which allow drivers to easily switch from brake to accelerator for safer driving on hills.”


He claimed that the Intelligent Around View Monitor (around view monitor with moving object detection) feature improved the pickup’s safety by allowing for easier maneuvering when performing tasks like parallel parking and vehicle positioning during trailer hitching.


“For the first time, the system includes an off-road monitor designed to confirm surrounding obstacles at low speeds when driving.”


“Moreover, the new Navara, like all Nissan vehicles, comes with extended peace of mind warranties and guaranteed after-sales support from our dealerships across the country.”