New Nigerian Online Appliance Store Relies On Honesty And Customer Communication

New Nigerian Online Appliance Store Relies On Honesty And Customer Communication

Numerous online retail stores have emerged in Nigeria over the last few decades. Consumer reports show that customers prefer online stores which provide fast and efficient customer support on the telephone.

“I want to be able to call a customer support person if I end up with a broken product or have questions about the company’s products,” a Nigerian consumer reportedly said. “If I can find an online store that is easy to navigate, provides high-quality products, and exemplary customer service, then I will be very happy.”

The latest Nigerian online retail store to emerge which fits this description is Jamara Home . It specializes in selling home appliances and electronics, such as smart televisions, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning units, washing machines, gas cookers, fans, kettles, and microwaves.

In May 2020, Jamara Home  launched with a mission to offer Nigerians the best customer service possible. Since then, customers have been praising the store for its dedication to resolving customer issues and upholding the highest level of integrity in its business practices.

Jamara Home  is one of the most trustworthy online stores I’ve ever come across,” one customer reportedly said. “They offer high-quality products from reputable brands at affordable prices. You cannot ask for anything better than that.”

All the products featured on the Jamara Home  online store are sourced from authorized brands. It is not an online marketplace where anyone can sell their products. Instead, it is an online shop where customers can purchase original products directly from major distributors, such as TCL, AEON, TOSHIBA, and many others.

Jamara Home  gives our customers a guarantee that they will receive an original and new product with a full warranty from its brand,” said a representative of Jamara Home. “We offer a human touch to our services by maintaining a line of communication between our staff and our customers throughout the transaction process. We even have service centers to help customers with their products after they’ve purchased them from us. Our company motto is, ‘From our home to your home with no stories, no excuses, no waste of time!’”

Jamara Home  has established a 100% customer response rate. This is because their customer service team has been instructed to answer every customer’s question without leaving anyone waiting long for answers. But since the company has simplified the navigation system of their online e-commerce store, most of its customers have not reported any problems with the website.

Jamara Home  and partners have currently more than 5 service centers across Nigeria. Their customers can either pay on delivery or pay on pick-up from the company’s storage facility. These give customers more trust in the company because they get to see the products before they pay.

“Our delivery service is free within Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, and Kano City,” said the representative of Jamara Home. “All our products are new and come with a 12-to-25-month warranty. Our customers have nothing to worry about when they purchase our products. We’ve got them covered.”

Due to the company’s success in those regions, Jamara Home  now offers nationwide delivery to all customers in Nigeria. In addition, Jamara Home  has also started accepting installment payments and several other payment options from customers who wishes for installments payment.