Audi Recalls Older 4.0L V8 Models Over Blocked Oil Strainer

Audi Recalls Older 4.0L V8 Models Over Blocked Oil Strainer

Eight years ago, back in March 2014, the peeps at Volkswagen Group of America became aware of reports alleging turbo failure on Audi models equipped with 4.0-liter V8 engines.

The safety boffins opened an investigation while continuing to monitor field cases, and by January 2017, they discovered that deposits may accumulate in the oil system. These deposits clog up the oil strainer, depriving the turbos of oil.

The premium-oriented automaker subsequently issued a technical service bulletin in February 2017. In addition to replacing turbochargers, Audi also introduced an optimized oil strainer into production in March 2017.

Field monitoring continued, but on the other hand, unhappy customers kept reporting turbocharger failures to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Office of Defects Investigation opened investigation PE21-009 in March 2021 after receiving a grand total of 58 complaints.

Owners alleged vehicle stall due to oil starvation of the turbochargers as a result of the oil strainer clogging up. Come February 2022, the four-ringed automaker from Ingolstadt launched a warranty extension to improve customer experience. One month later, the NHTSA voiced concerns over rough idling, reduced performance, and exceedingly long cranking times.

Mere days later, the Audi Product Safety Committee didn’t have a choice but to announce a worldwide recall. Between April 2017 and March 2022, the company received 1,889 claims and 47 reports in the U.S. of A. alone.

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All of the affected vehicles were produced between the 2013 and 2017 model years. Audi states that 4.0-liter V8 vehicles manufactured after March 30th, 2017, feature an improved oil strainer with a larger mesh width. More to the point, we’re dealing with 90 µm compared to the previous 30 µm.

No fewer than 26,053 cars have to be repaired, starting with the S7, S7, and S8. The A8 is also listed, together with the RS 7. Audi dealerships in the U.S. will replace the oil strainer and perform an oil change, free of charge, starting May 20th. Customer notifications are due on or before May 20th.