Should Microsoft’s New Deal With AI Chat GPT Scare Google

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Artificial Intelligence has been on everyone’s lips for a couple of years now but the major breakthrough was made when Chat GPT was announced late last year.
The new kid, Chat Gpt excited with it new skills  as users could use it to  create poems, compose college essays, write code, and even shave hours off their work, this wowed a lot of users who thinks this is the new revolution in the AI space but many soon discovered its many flaws, some of which are, racial biases and a tendency to present incorrect information as true fact.

However, could this new deal be the major breakthrough for the application of AI to humans everyday living. According to reports, Microsoft is interested in integrating Chat GPT into its line of software packages such as Microsoft office, Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Bing.

This looks surprising but it isn’t as Microsoft had earlier invested $1 billion in Open AI earlier in 2019 during Satya Nadella’s tenure as Microsoft CEO. According to Mary Jo Foley, editor-in-chief at, Microsoft hopes to fulfil it’s longtime dream of integrating elements of a virual assistant on its search engine, which has not been doing pretty well compared to Google.

But with the many flaws of Chat GPT it is considered unwise to rely on the artificial intellingence according to OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman who advised saying “it’s a mistake to be relying on [ChatGPT] for anything important right now.” Exactly how Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into Bing will be important, and it’s likely the company will start with beta tests and a limited amount of integration before it’s ready for all Bing users to take advantage of.”

Regardless of the many hurdles Chat GPT has to overcome before it becomes Microsoft’s golden boy, it is expected that Chat GPT would bring about insane productivity in areas like;

– Need to create a large PowerPoint presentation.

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– Write a detailed email proposal.

– Build a multi-tab financial model.

– Draw up a 40-page legal contract.

All of these could potentially be done using simple prompts, natively inside Microsoft office programmes, saving billions (trillions?) of hours and dollars. Which could lead to efficiency and economic gains saving billions of dollars with this new development.