Orange Digital Centers To Organize “Future Of Work Africa Week” Online Conference

Orange Digital Centers To Organize “Future Of Work Africa Week” Online Conference
Orange Digital Centers To Organize “Future Of Work Africa Week” Online Conference

“Future of work Africa Week,” a free, fully online conference

This gathering of experts will offer an overview and a breakdown of developments in jobs and skills worldwide and, more specifically, in Africa.


Throughout the three days, these high-level international experts will debate questions and offer answers to young African people who want to find out about the jobs of tomorrow, sought-after skills, and how to prepare for the future needs of recruiters.

This event broadcasted in French/English is supported by pan-African media organizations such as CIO MagEcofin, and Jeune Afrique, as well as the consulting firm Bearing Point which are providing specialist journalists and experts to moderate panel discussions. On the program:

Day 1: The future of employment, what projections in the world and in Africa?

– What will the world of employment look like tomorrow?

– How to get ready for it?

– What are the specificities of the job market in Africa?

Day 2: The most dynamic sectors, Let’s give a voice to the recruiters :

– What sectors are hiring the most?

– What are the job opportunities around Industry 4.0 and Digital Marketing?

– How to develop your career in these new professions?

Day 3: The new players in the training system, an opportunity for all

– How to choose the most suitable training courses for your career project?

– Who are the new players in the training system?

– How to train independently and continuously?

Digital technologies – the key to development for companies and workplaces 

One of Africa’s greatest strategic challenges is training its young people to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow, so as to be able to take charge of its own development in an autonomous and sustainable manner.

By 2030, 230 million jobs in sub-Saharan Africa will require digital skills. That’s why Orange is deploying Orange Digital Centers in 17 of its subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East. Orange Digital Center provides an innovative, free ecosystem designed to offer digital training to young people and technological incubation, acceleration, and financing for start-ups.


After the huge success of AI Africa Week in January 2021, which was followed by over 600,000 people on social media, the Orange Digital Centers  network, through its 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East, is organizing a new edition focusing on the jobs of tomorrow, the “Future of work Africa Week” on February 14, 15, and 16, 2023. To register, click here :