Clash of Clans Introduced New Tricks during the Spring Festival, the “Lunar Queen”Poppep Up on the Streets of Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 7 February 2023 – Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional holidays in the Chinese-speaking region and the entire Asian region, and even among all Chinese people worldwide. During the Spring Festival of this year, a group of vehicles and food delivery bicycles bustled through the streets and lanes of Malaysia, wearing the new “Rabbit costumes,” which are actually the new year-limited skins of the mobile game Clash of Clans. Lunar Queen, the time-limited skin of the game, is meant to echo the Year of the Rabbit theme. Players who are familiar with this game may recall that Clash of Clans always introduced a slew of “Spring Festival-limited” content items in each lunar new year, bringing players lots of new year’s wishes.

Limited content for the New Year of the Rabbit, as well as incredible gifts for players

In order to fit with the theme of the Year of the Rabbit, Clash of Clans launched two limited skins this Spring Festival: Lunar Queen, a cute and cool rabbit image, and the Magic Theatre, a village scenery inspired by traditional Chinese drama stages. Besides, the game also successively launched the Warrior Champion skins, decorations including the Rabbit Lantern and the Magic Show statue, as well as the customized Lunar New Year Challenge for the Year of the Rabbit. Players who logged in to the game during the Spring Festival can feel the strong atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Clash of Clans popped up on the streets of Malaysia with overwhelming charm

Except for multi-dimensional online exposure, Clash of Clans also conducted brand-new offline marketing in Malaysia during the Spring Festival of the Rabbit Year. The game’s new year-limited skins and event information appeared in the form of Grab vehicle body advertisements and Grab delivery box advertisements on the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It is believed that Clash of Clans players would definitely feel the new year’s wishes that the game brings when “encountering” these posters.