JAMB Candidates, Parent Lament Poor Network, Power Failure In Lagos

JAMB Candidates, Parent Lament Poor Network, Power Failure In Lagos
JAMB Candidates, Parent Lament Poor Network, Power Failure In Lagos

JAMB Candidates and parents lament poor network and power failure among other challenges in some centres in Lagos.

Some of the students (candidates) disclosed that an unstable network, in particular, delayed the commencement of the examination and affected the stopping time, while some were rescheduled for another day.

One of the candidates, who simply gave his name as Joseph Ukana, said his centre was at Maranatha and Associate, Elelenwo, in Alimosho Local Government Area of the state.

He disclosed that, though he arrived at his centre as early as 8 am and till 4 pm, they weren’t able to take the exams due to poor network and poor power supply.

According to him, the administrators lamented that they were out of fuel when the power holding company put out the light.

JAMB Candidates, Parent Lament Poor Network, Power Failure In Lagos

Joseph said, “On Friday 25th of April I arrived at my centre by 6:25 a.m in the morning, we waited outside the centre until after 7 before we were told to come into the premises for our thumbprint.

“After thumb printing, we were told us to go to a specific class and waited for 30 minutes.
After a while a man came to address us and went over the instructions then we were taken into the examination hall

“At exactly 8:45 we were told to input our registration number in to the system, we were also told not to log in until we were told to do so. By 9:00 am we were told to log in. After clicking the log-in button most of us discovered that we couldn’t log in so we complained to the administrator and supervisor

“They came and checked it out but still no difference. I particularly couldn’t even log in because I was stuck at the login page due to bad network. By 11:00 am I signalled the supervisor that I couldn’t still log in but all he could say was that “we are working on it”.

“I was pained more when I noticed that the girl sitting down beside me had commenced her exam over an hour ago but I hadn’t still logged in.

After several complaints for several candidates who also had the same issue as mine the administrator came to notify us that “those of us who couldn’t take the exam will be rescheduled and we shall write the exam”.

“By 12:48 those who were lucky enough to write their exams rounded off and went out of the hall while those of us who couldn’t write were told to wait. 10 minutes later the administrator and supervisor both came in and asked for our printout which we gave them.

“Then we were told to write down our names and seat number so that we could go out to get something to eat. After waiting for an hour the administrator came and told us that we wouldn’t be able to write our exams on that day due to the network. He also proceeded to tell us that our exams will be rescheduled and we should continue checking the slip printing portal on the jamb website then we were told to go

“Those who had papers by 12pm were also told to go home that their exam will be rescheduled also. Since then I have been waiting for the rescheduling of my exam I just pray God let them reschedule it on time, he added.

It was also the same unfavourable story at some centres in Ogba, Agege, according to our eyewitness report.

However, many of the candidates scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2023, who could not write due to system failure, were headed back to their JAMB portal to reprint their rescheduled centres.