6 Awesome Instagram Tricks To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

6 Awesome Instagram Tricks To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales
6 Awesome Instagram Tricks To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Instagram is one of the effective tools for taking your E-Commerce business to another level. With over one billion monthly users, the photo-sharing application paves the way for more E-commerce businesses and brands to increase sales. The platform allows brands to share high-definition images and good-quality videos to show off their products.

The one social media platform that stands out from others and offers E-commerce brands the reach they need is Instagram. Today brands are not relying on any social media rather than Instagram to promote their services or products.

Marketers also incorporate Instagram into their marketing campaigns to achieve their business goals. Are you striving to mark your presence on Instagram? If yes, then try out and advance your e-commerce brand’s reach across the globe. Here let’s see 6 awesome Instagram tricks to increase your E-Commerce sales:

  1. Understand How Instagram Works

Instagram is unique and different from social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. If you are new to the platform, know that links are unclickable on Instagram, unlike other social media apps.

If you post a link on the Instagram platform, it will not transform into a clickable hyperlink. Rather it will just appear like a static, messy URL. Instagram lets you post only one clickable link to utilize all over the platform. That is the link in your profile’s bio.

You might have often seen text overlays that indicate users to click the link in the bio for further details. This link can be frequently updated when campaigns and goals change. Additionally, Instagram has the ability to make your brand reach its vast audiences if used in the right way.

  1. Utilize Reels Feature

As more users turn to Instagram for entertainment purposes, the platform has launched a new feature known as Reels. A Reels is a short 15-second video that has the potential to engage and reach a wider audience. If people enjoy a Reels, they will likely check out the creator’s rest of the content. This will lead to an increase in audience engagement.

Many content creators who seek fast reach and engagement on Instagram utilize the Reels feature. Additionally, they buy instagram reels views to make their videos to reach wider audiences effortlessly. By doing so, your videos’ visibility and E-commerce brand’s awareness will exceed.

  1. Switch to a Business Account

In order to make your business reach more audience on the platform, switch your regular account to a professional business account. This is an initial step in an Instagram marketing initiative.

A business profile on Instagram provides you access to ads and promoted posts, giving you tools to improve engagement and reach. Through this, you can have a professional-looking profile and pull your contact details from Facebook while retaining shoppable links on Instagram. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to account settings on your profile, and click the option ‘Switch to Business Profile.’
  • Then log in to your Facebook profile within the Instagram app, but ensure you possess the admin rights of your Facebook page. Because Instagram lets you connect your Facebook page with your Instagram business account.
  • Once you have chosen the Facebook account, you can pull at least one contact information for your Instagram business account. It might be a mail address or a customer service mobile number.
  1. Utilize Visually Attractive Images

To increase your brand value, concentrate on providing your audiences with an excellent visual experience by uploading appealing photos. Instagram allows you to add images in 1080 x 1080 pixel size, and the character limits for your posts’ captions is 2200.

The other method to improve traffic and attract audiences to your online shop is to watermark images with the name of your domain. So audiences will not feel that they are forced to buy your products. But mentioning your brand’s logo or website in your images helps your audiences find more about your E-commerce business off the platform.

  1. Showcase Your Customers By Uploading UGC

Ask your followers to create posts after using your products. Encourage them to share images showing off the products they purchased from your online store. Then ask permission to upload the photos to your account.

By doing so, more people will start to buy your products, and your brand’s engagement will skyrocket. Also, most brands and creators utilize Trollishly to enhance their reach and promote their content with ease. As a result, your posts will end up in people’s feeds.

The user-generated content marketing strategy may positively impact your brand’s sales. For example, most fashion-based brands on Instagram incorporate this technique into their social media marketing campaigns as a promotional tool for their business.

  1. Work With Influencers

Influencer Marketing is one of Instagram’s most popular marketing strategies to drive sales. It works the same way as a television advertisement. If an influencer promotes a product, more people will become interested and start to purchase that product.

For example, in case you are a clothing brand, work with a clothing brand. Follow the below ideas to make the most out of influencer marketing on Instagram for your E-commerce business:

Examine how your competitive brands are utilizing influencer marketing to market their brands. You can also consider brands within your niche. This will give you a profound knowledge of the recent marketing trends.

  • Allow your influencer to decide what type of content to post. Because they know better than to keep their audiences engaged.
  • Choose a niche influencer relevant to your brand with a decent number of followers.
  • Utilize your influencers’ posts on your product page to optimize the overall look of your page. Audiences viewing your products on your website will come to know these influencers.

Winding Up

Now that you have understood that Instagram’s marketing strategy can contribute to developing your E-commerce business. Create a strategy that helps you gain audiences, widens your reach, and drives more sales for your E-commerce business.

To frequently improve your content ideas and perform better, you should keep track of how your content is performing. In addition, your content should resonate with your target market. Also, use the above awesome tricks to increase your E-commerce sales.