BBNaija All-Stars News: Alex Unusual And CeeC ‘Fight Dirty’ (VIDEO)

BBNaija All Star News: Alex Unusual And CeeC Fight Dirty Over Wager Task (VIDEO)

Drama in thee Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All-Stars house as housemates Cee-C and Alex Unusual traded words over the wager task on Wednesday.

Alex, renowned for her vivacious and outspoken nature, criticized Cee-C for what she perceived as a lack of contribution to the task. Alex accused Cee-C of expecting others to beg for her help, rather than proactively engaging in the team’s efforts.

Refusing to be silenced, Cee-C retaliated by claiming that Alex was not effectively directing the task. In her view, Alex’s leadership skills were questionable, leading to inefficiency and confusion within the team. Their clash of opinions quickly escalated into a heated exchange, underscoring the long-standing animosity and rivalry between them.

Throwback On Major Fights Between Cee-C and Alex Unsual

Recall that the duo were always at loggerheads in 2018, during their stay in the house on the double wahala edition of the show. And they are again at each other’s throats five years later.

The ‘Secret’ Crush Debacle: During the Double Wahala season, Alex had openly expressed her admiration for another housemate, Tobi. However, when Cee-C found out that Alex had a “secret” crush on Tobi, she confronted Alex, accusing her of being deceitful and playing a double game. The confrontation resulted in a heated argument that divided the house.

The “Total Saboteur” Dispute: On another occasion, they clashed over task-related matters. Cee-C labeled Alex as a “total saboteur,” claiming that Alex was deliberately undermining her efforts in the tasks to ensure she failed. The tense altercation showcased the deep-rooted mistrust and suspicion between the two.

The Emotional Outburst: Emotions ran high in the Double Wahala season, and during one particularly intense moment, Alex broke down in tears due to personal struggles. However, instead of offering comfort, Cee-C confronted Alex, accusing her of seeking sympathy and playing the victim card for attention. This incident further strained their relationship.

The Infamous “Missing Wristband” Fight: Perhaps the most memorable clash was sparked by the mysterious disappearance of Cee-C’s wristband. Alex was accused of hiding the wristband, leading to a massive confrontation where heated words were exchanged, and alliances in the house were tested.