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Dear Reality’s dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT introduces VR mixing to Cubase 12

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – Media OutReach – 27 November 2023 – Spatial audio expert Dear Reality introduces its VR mixing controller, dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT, to Steinberg’s Cubase 12, extending its built-in Dolby Atmos capabilities. The VR application streamlines spatial audio productions, enabling extensive in-headset control of the most-used DAW functions and the dearVR PRO spatializer plugin. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT facilitates intuitive positioning and automation of audio tracks via gesture control in a virtual 360° environment. In combination with Dear Reality’s dearVR MONITOR headphone monitoring plugin for multi-channel speaker setups, Cubase users can now benefit from a professional toolset that brings spatial productions to the next level.

dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT enables total control when mixing spatial audio productions

In addition, dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT provides overlay modules for extended navigation and control in the VR headset. The main control module enables direct control of Cubase 12’s transport functions like start, stop, and rewind. Furthermore, users can directly jump through the timeline and set markers and loop points. The meter bridge module brings the traditional mixing console we all know and love to the VR world. In this module, users control each audio channel’s volume, solo, and mute status. When the mixing session grows in complexity, the “minimap” module provides a comprehensive overview of all audio sources in the scene. It is an interactive, miniature view of the whole session and reflects the surrounding VR space, the audio sources, and their automation in real time.

Based on the selected operating system, dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT can run on the same Windows machine as the DAW or in an easy-to-set-up two-machine setup. This allows the user to run the VR application on a Windows machine while running Cubase 12 on a Mac OS. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT now supports Apple M1/M2 processors and connects with Nuendo 12, Cubase 12, and Reaper.

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About Dear Reality

Dear Reality is a leading company in the field of immersive audio controllers and is best known for its binaural, Ambisonics, and multichannel spatializers with totally realistic room virtualization. Sound engineers, sound designers, broadcasters, and musicians use the company’s products worldwide. Founded in 2014 by Achim Fell and Christian Sander, Dear Reality strives to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge 3D audio software for interactive and linear audio production. Since 2019, Dear Reality has been proud to be a part of the Sennheiser Group.