GLO, Federal Civil Service collaborate on free access CUG lines


Total telecommunications solution provider, Globacom, has partnered with the Federal Civil Service to supply Free Access telephone lines to the entire Federal workforce to enhance productivity via seamless communication among ministries and the larger Nigerian populace. Programmed under a Closed User Group (CUG) platform, the lines will avail all public servants seamless yet affordable communication opportunities and will also be documented in a formal directory with the names and ministries of domicile of all public servants at the Federal level.

In an address at the unveiling of the scheme in Abuja on Monday, Globacom posited that the relationship between telecommunications and the civil service in any growing nation cannot be over-emphasized, adding that “telecommunications enable nations to improve the productivity and efficiency of their workforce because employees can deploy voice and data services to make calls, send or receive email, browse websites, conduct research, access databases or participate in conference calls,” the company added.

The network also disclosed that with the CUG arrangement, workers will also enjoy the opportunity to save precious executive time and reduce organizations’ communications equipment costs. “In addition to this, productivity, efficiency and passion for excellence are kindled owing to the fact that tedium of work is lessened, while greater results are obtained in the process”, the company said.

While adding that collaboration between employees is now one of the most important organizational activities across the globe, Globacom said on this count, “telecommunications also makes it easier for employees in different departments or remote locations to work together. Rather than spend effort booking a conference room or travelling to meetings, employees can join a video conference or Web conference from their desks,”

Head of service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita in her remarks at the event eulogized Globacom for the offer and described the brand as a truly Nigerian company whose activities reflect its deep commitment to the welfare of the populace professionally and in their personal endeavours. Mrs. Oyo-Ita promised that the civil service of the Federation will employ the CUG lines to improve on its productivity and inter-ministerial relations for the enhancement of the nation’s policy formulations and executions for the good of the entire citizenry.


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